Do good by wasting less

We make it easy to sustainably reuse and recycle your stuff.

Meet your fourth bin

You care about where your stuff goes. So do we.

Our used stuff still has value but it too often ends up in landfills or contaminating our recycling.

But you might not have time to figure out the best way to get rid of your stuff or time to drop it off.

Starting at $10 per month, we pick up your stuff and make sure it is either locally reused or sustainably recycled. We commit to being the best way to get rid of your stuff.

We can make a difference

Every year, Americans throw away millions of tons of recycleable materials



plastic bags



pounds of reusable clothes



pounds of styrofoam

How it works

Use your Ridwell bags around the house

We provide you with bags to store your batteries, light bulbs, plastic film, and threads. These are your core categories and can be picked up every two weeks.

Keep them in your laundry room, kitchen pantry, or wherever is best for you. That's delightful decluttering.

Opt-in for bi-weekly pickups of our 5 categories

There are five categories we take every pickup: the four core categories plus the rotating fifth category.

If any of your bags are full or you have something from the rotating category, opt-in to your pickup and put it in your Ridwell bin!

We pick it all up from your porch

The bin is weather-proof and we won't take anything by mistake!

On your Ridwell pickup day, we'll come by to empty your bin and leave your bags in your bin. Your stuff will go to sustainable recyclers or local reuse partners.

We bring it to a better place

Rest assured that your stuff is being given a new life and stays out of the landfill.

We thoroughly vet and only partner with local organizations that are committed to reuse and sustainability.

Want to make a difference for the planet and your trash bill?

Find out about plastic film and how it can be recycled through Ridwell!

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Your weekly special

Every pickup, we help you delightfully declutter your home.

The rotating fifth category changes every pickup and is inspired by customer demand—like latex paint—or local need—like winter coats.

We find special partners for less common or particularly hard-to-recycle items that can go to a better place.

How we are solving Styrofoam

For Ridwell members, we offer Styrofoam add-ons to any pickup. No more guilt, no more headache.

How we stack up

Throw it away

Do it yourself

Now I am left wondering which type of ocean creature will eat this styrofoam food container.

Guilt-free convenience

We pick up from your porch, so you don't have to remember yet another thing. And you don't even have to be there.

Now I feel better, but I just spent two hours driving to my local recycler.
The average disposable bottle is used for 13 minutes and takes 1000 years to decompose.

Sustainable uses for your stuff

We bring your items to places where they will have grateful owners or another life as something new. Baby clothes meet a new baby. Styrofoam becomes picture frames.

Where is my stuff really going? I just dropped off my kid's first dress to a warehouse in an industrial park…
Throwing this bottle away probably doesn't matter in the big scheme of things.

Value-driven community

Get connected to companies and products that put sustainability above profit. Meet others in your community. Make your neighborhood a better place to live.

How can I know which companies care about what I care about? Can anything I do really make a difference?

Starting at

$10 per month

Our story

Our story began with a father and son trying to do the right thing with dead batteries and seeing how hard it was.

This turned into Owen’s List, a large community of people in Seattle sharing new ideas and making a difference one pickup at a time.

From your door to local partners,

get rid of things the right way.